Join the loyal community.



What will I do?

You will be either blogging, doing our daily quotes, becoming a support advocate in order to help out in the community. As of right now, we are only hiring people to volunteer, and then get paid after a month of two with us.


Meeting Up:

You won’t need to meet up at a physical location. All meetings happen by Google Hangouts, and on Facebook. We gather up 4 times every six months to plan out better suggestions for the company. Sometimes , we may ask many people to join us in New York, to be able and plan and get training done. We also may attend some labs that happen in New York, to be able and get to learn more about who we are working with.

Our development Process

We make our features work the best they can by providing lots of support, and good teamwork. This is our next process in making this available to the whole world. This is a good and essential tool.

What do we look for?

We look for people who are smart and that have trust in anything they do. We need people who can be able to take skills into doing instead of thinking. People that are self-driven, and that have a good knowledge of technology, and great experience with Support to be able and keep others happy, since that is what we are trying to achieve


There are so many benefits that you can get with joining our team. Here is a few that are popular:

🎵- Free AirPods after your first month with us

🗣- Share your ideas, and make you own blog posts—without paying a price

🤑- Bonuses, there are so much bonuses including extra money, every two weeks.

☺️- A great salary, and a good amount of money per year, and per month. To your bank or PayPal.


Diligent, and Trust:

We need people who we can be able to trust, day in and day out. We need reliable people who could get the job done at anytime. All work positions are always flexible but requires a certain amount of work per week. We want others to be kind, patient, and always strives for high achievement. You must be able and take tasks and make them essential for the community. We want talented people for these jobs. Got what it takes? Apply today.


You won’t need much requirements, but the most important ones that you may need is:

  • A resumé(preferred), and a knack of communication skills.
  • Patience and honesty is a must.
  • Must always have a smiling face, and a friendly gesture
  • A cell phone, or computer that has been active for less than 3 years. (Apple, and Samsung Preferred)
  • Knowledge of Tools, Microsoft Word, and Microsoft PowerPoint.



Getting to know us

We are still a small company that has started earlier this year, and we have been through up and down. We have a founder: Mr. Jackyel Menuce, and he has helped us mid way. Anything we do on our website is always true, and always real. We keeps things simple, but entitled with great detail. Got what it takes? Apply today.




Open Roles:

Content Editor/Writer

Technician Support Agent

Customer Success Agent


These job(links) will follow you through the steps of applying.

If you qualify for a position, we will consider, and reply to your email.

If you didn’t, we will reply no matter the income of your application.