What is a Refund Policy?

A refund policy is pretty easy, and doesn’t require much rules. It is simply a set of rules made in case of a return or a refund status. Here are some basic guidelines for us:


All Products sold from us that are either anything edible such as candy, and gum, or anything that can get digested, will not be able to get a refund or a return.

Also, any products that are sold from us that aren’t, they all have a 30 day money back guarantee ; will have a strict refund and return statement after that. We want to ensure that everyone enjoys what they love.

Plans at SimpleWay:

All plans at SimpleWay, all don’t have a strict refund policy. So, if you want to cancel a plan, you can easily contact us if you aren’t sure how to, and we will go ahead and make sure that the price stops restarting, every month. Any plans here at SimpleWay, do however have a failed attemp system. If there is a failed attemp (e.g. Card is declined), then we will attemp to do another try. If it doesn’t work then, it shouldn’t take money out of your account resulting in an overdraft fee. Again, we are here to make sure that people enjoy what they love. If you are looking to donate, or for us to promote your website, here are some guidelines:

We sometimes may need donations:

We will sometimes need some dontaions so that we could be able and get everything done, and ready for you. Always make sure that nothing happens to you resulting in money problems.


We will sometimes ask a few people to promote our website, for free or for some money, and we are glad to do that for them. Other people that ask us, we will also sometimes do it for free, depending on the information you give us. Soon, we will starting our affiliate program. BUT, as we promote your website, you can never ask for a refund, as this payment is permanent unless for bank and/or security reasons. Keeping others safe.

Any products that we post, that aren’t from us, will not be our responsibility, and we will not know their refund policy.

Any Questions?

We are open. Chat, or email us at hello@realsimpleway.com